Wave Maker Wave simulation asset for Unity


WaveMaker is a wave simulation asset that creates a rectangular mesh that is modified in realtime to look like liquid by using interactors. How the surface is displayed is up to the user.

What it is for...

What this asset CAN'T do in the current version...

Some of these features will be added in the future. Please, see the bugs and suggestions tracker to know what's coming up.

v1.X Current Features

Change Log

Live Demos (WebGL)

Basic demo
Basic interaction

A demo of interactor, fixed cells and surface simulation. Needs WebGL2.0 support.

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Ship Game
Ship Game

Use your arrow keys to move a ship. Doesn't work on smartphones. Needs WebGL2.0 support.

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Tutorials and More Videos

Known Limitations

Common Problem Solver

Check these steps:

  • Are you on play mode?
  • Are they on the same layer?
  • Does the object that interacts (interactor) has a WaveMaker Interactor component?
  • Does the interactor has a RigidBody component?
  • Does the interactor has a collider component?
  • If you are moving the object by setting the position directly or moving it by hand, you have to activate IsKinematic in the RigidBody component.
  • Is the rigidbody kinematic and a trigger? This combination does not generate contacts in Unity. Find another combination!
  • Activate the Debug Log checkbox on the surface to see in the console messages about interaction.
  • If it still doesn't affect the surface, copy the parameters of one of the sample scenes and start from there.
  • Contact support!

Support and Contact

If you need help, or you are interested in some new feature that is not in the tracker, please contact me directly at unitysupport (at) lidia-martinez.com

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